Prolights LED ParsIdeal for use indoors or outdoors, IPS has a stock of RGBW and 5000k White COB LED Parcans ready to hire.


IPS has in stock two versions of the Prolights StudioCOB LED Par, the DY 5000K Daylight white version and the FC RGBW version. Both models are IP65 rated, and housed in a smart black casing with a dual yoke to allow floorcan or flown use. The StudioCOB LED Pars have PowerCon True1 in and out connectors, and 5pin DMX in and out. With COB sources, these fixtures provide a homogenised beam output that is ideal for a range of different applications, from bold outdoor illumination to subtle theatrical effects, with an even beam and single shadow – and fully functional barndoors which can also be supplied if required. Please see here for the latest dry hire prices.

The StudioCOB PLUS DY Daylight LED Par has a 5000K colour temperature output, and the powerful 150w COB LED Source provides a bright output. With the standard beam angle of 18 degrees, these fixtures are ideal for highlighting items or areas – or a 38 degree lens option can be fitted for a wider output. Four different dimming curves can be selected, and these can be controlled via DMX if required – along with access to the strobe mode. The Daylight StudioCOB weighs 4.8kg per unit.

LED Par RearThe StudioCOB Plus FC RGBW LED Par has a 150w COB source, and can deliver a range of colour mixed outputs as well as a CT channel to match colour temperatures from 2000k to 10000k. Supplied in the same housing as the DY par, the RGBW StudioCOB has the same lens options and connectors and can also be controlled via DMX with 4/6/10 channel control modes. The RGBW StudioCOB weighs 5.6kg per unit.

IPS also stock a wide range of other LED fixtures, including IP rated units, and a popular range of battery powered options – alongside a wide range of other lighting fixtures, control & dimming and cabling items. If you have a project coming up that requires lighting – or Staging, Rigging, Video, Sound or Power, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.