Kartfest 01IPS will be supplying a 6m x 4m Prolyte Arc Roof at the upcoming Karfest event at Sandown Park.

Kartfest 2017 is an event organised by Backup, taking place on June 29th at Sandown Park, where 32 teams will compete in an industry wide Go Kart championship. There will be various other activities, including entertainment after the event, which will be performed from a 6m x 4m roof structure supplied by IPS.


The 6m x 4m Prolyte Arc Roof is ideal for bands at events, and can be built in a huge variety of locations. This particular installation will be on hardstanding, so water ballast can be used to secure the structure. Find out more details about the Arc roof, and the IPS range of Stages & Outdoor Roof structures here.

The event is to raise money and awareness for Backup, which is a charity to support industry technical professionals working in live events, theatre, TV and film. Find out more about the Backup charity and its work here, and for more details about Kartfest 2017, check out their website.


IPS will be competing in the event, although fortunately as this is mainly a fundraising exercise, the importance is more about the taking part than winning! Look forward to seeing you on the racetrack….