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Here at Impact Production Services, we are constantly updating our dry hire equipment to ensure you have the best possible range to choose from. From stage rental options, to generators, to lighting and sound equipment - we endeavour to make our dry hire options cater for any occasion. Get in touch more information.


Prolights Panorama IP AirbeamProlights Panorama IP AirBeam

IP65 Rated Moving Head Beam fixtures added to hire stock

440w Osram Discharge source at 7000k colour temperature

2 Degree Beam Angle with full CMY Colour Mixing

Static & Rotating Gobs as well as Circular & Linear Prisms

Control via W-DMX or cable - RDM compliant

Power & Data in via True1 and 5pin XLR


Prolights Panorama IP WashProlights Panorama IP WBX

IP65 Rated LED Moving Head Wash fixtures added to hire stock

19 x 40w Osram RGBW LED source

3 to 45 degree Beam Angle with Outer RGB Pixel Ring

Control via W-DMX or cable - RDM compliant

Power & Data in via True1 and 5pin XLR


Prolights Lumipix 15 IPLumipix 15 IP LED Batten

IP65 Rated LED Batten added to IPS hire stock

1m Linear batten with floor stand or rigging options via Omega Clamp

15 x 10w RGBW COB LED cells with a 16 degree Beam Angle

Control via W-DMX or cable - Fully pixel mappable 4 to 65ch

Power & Data in and through on True1 and 5pin XLR


Shure KSM32Shure KSM32 Microphone

Shure KSM32 mics added to IPS Rental Stocks

Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condensor Mic

Ideal for Cymbals and Overheads, and much more

KSM32 SL & CG versions available 

Supplied with mic clip


AKG 451BAKG C451B Condensor Mic

IPS Hire range of mics is expanding!

The AKG C451B is a small diaphragm Cardioid Condensor Mic

Ideal for Hi-Hats and percussion duties, plus much more

Supplied with mic clip



Robe Pickle PattRobe Pickle Patt

Retro Cool Robe Pickle Patt added to IPS Hire stock

The smaller version of the PATT 2013 fixture - the Pickle has a 575w lamp

Generic fixture with real lamp - no LEDs here!

16a power connector, and works well either hanging or on one of our Cine Stands

Nice touch for any design - camera friendly fixtures


Wheelchair Friendly Cable Ramp KitMore DDA Cable Ramp Options

Adam Hall Defender Midi Cable Ramp Wheelchair adaptor now in stock

For use with 5 Channel Defender Midi Cable Ramp

Kit comprises of 9 sections to make a blue ramp section within a run of ramp

Same hinging lid as other Defender Range - can fit up to to 63a 3p or Power Lock

Bit of a fight to fit, but a very tough durable finish


Curved Cable RampGoing Round the Bend!

45 Degree Curved Cable Ramp Sections added to IPS Hire Stock

For use with 5 Channel Defender Midi Cable Ramp

Ideal to keep cable protection neat - espcially on the more complicated runs

Same hinging lid as other Defender Range - can fit up to to 63a 3p or Power Lock

DDA Ramp adaptor sections also now in stock


High Sierra QlabIPS MacBook Pro Updates

All IPS MacBook Pro machines are now running macOS High Sierra

Latest DT Videolabs collection avaliable via USB Dongle - Inc. Playback Pro Plus

Figure53 QLAB 4 now installed on all machines (license via web, not included)

Supplied ready to go with DVI & VGA Adaptors

Hire now - range of Presentation PC Laptops also in stock


 Robe LEDBeam 150ROBE LEDBeam 150 ready to hire

Robin / Robe LEDBeam 150 is the latest RGBW fixture

7 x 30W LED sources with a 3.8 to 60 degree beam angle

Tungsten emulation mode plus CTO

Compact unit, with Zoom and super fast pan & tilt

Ready to hire from IPS now


GLP JDC1 Strobe

GLP JDC1 Strobes in stock now

Intense LED Strobe with RGB Flood and tilting yoke!

High brighness Cree XP Strobe LEDs in 12 Elemements

Osram LED powered RGB Flood with 12 Elements

Fully Pixel Mappable - or Strobe / Flood / Wash modes

All this plus 190 degrees of tilting yoke - hire now!


GLP Impression X4 Bar 10 GLP Impression X4 Bar 10 Arrive at IPS

500mm version of the X4 Bar 20 - the perfect match!

10 x 15w RGBW LED Cells, with various mode options & pixel mapping

7 to 50 degree zoom - plus 190 degree tilt

Spaces perfectly with the X4 Bar 20 - and linking power & data

The missing link for your perfect show rig?


Encore Smarty Block Floor StandSmarty Block Floor Stand

5kg Floor Base - perfect for floor mounting lighting fixtures

Ideal to tuck lights in unusual places - even if they only have a single yoke

No need to remove clamps - quick to deploy

Low hire cost and plenty in stock



Drape for Wentex System

Black Velcro Drape for Wentex Pipe & Drape System

Ready to hire now are 3m x 4m Black Wool Serge Drapes - with Velcro!

Can be hung on the Wentex Pipe & Drape system and joined together

Suitable for use either in 3m drop at 4m long or 4m drop at 3m long configuration

Saves loads of time compared to tying on standard Drapes

Stocks also increased of Wentex hardware - plus the White Drape option too


Sennheiser e945 vocal mic

Sennheiser Vocal Microphones

Sennheiser e945 Vocal Microphone added to IPS audio hire stock

Super Cardioid pickup pattern optimised for vocal performances

High feedback resistance and minimal handling noise

Ideal for on stage use

Ready to hire now - along with our ever growing mic stock


CO02 60 Deg Corners

Time for Triangles - More Truss Corner Options

More H30V Corner options now in stock

Prolyte CO02 60 degree 2 Way H30V Truss Corner

Perfect for making equalateral triangles 

Ideal for making creative truss structures

Ready to hire now - along with a large range of other corner sections


p 5 q 7 Stock Increase

SGM P-5 and Q-7 Stock Increase

Further increase of these IP65 rated fixtures

Both feature RGBW LED 

P-5 can be fitted with 15/21/43 degree lens kits

Q-7 ideal as a Flood / Strobe / Blinder with 110 degree lens

16A Cee Form in and out, DMX via 5pin XLR


More db D20 V SERIES

D20 & D80 Amplifiers and more V-Series

Large d&b audiotechnik stock increase

D20 4 channel amplifiers now in stock

Increased stocks of D80 Tour Racks

More V8 Line Array Cabinets and V-Subs

Versatile system architecture - and great sound


db M4 Monitors

M4 Monitors set to be a crowd pleaser

d&b audiotechnik M4 monitors now ready to hire

Can be used in Active or Passive configuration

50 x 70 degrees dispersion

Ideal for use with D20 amplifiers

Compact dimensions and smart appearance  - ideal for lots of applications


db J Infra Sub

Massive Bass added to IPS hire inventory!

d&b audiotechnik J-INFRA Subs now ready to hire

Three 21" Drivers for maximum sub performance

144db maximum sound pressure when driven with D80 Amp

Cabinet measures 680mm x 1180mm x 1040mm with a weight of 152kg 

A serious sub - ideal for making sound engineers happy! 


GLP Impression X4 Bar 20

GLP Impression LED Bars added to Hire Stock

Innovative 1m Long LED Batten with motorised yoke & zoom feature

20 x 15w RGBW LED Cells, with various mode options & pixel mapping

7 to 50 degree zoom - an unusual feature in an LED Batten

PowerCON in and out connectors for easy linking

Built in macros reduce programming time - Ideal for creating big looks


Robe Pointe

IPS Gets the ROBE Pointe

Following customer demand, the ROBE Pointe is now in stock

Compact Hybrid fixture with 280w dischage source

2.5 deg to 10 deg and 5 deg to 20 deg beam modes

Flightcased in Pairs

Great fixture that fits in compact spaces - and light to rig


Yamaha Rio 1608

RIO Boxes add Options to Yamaha QL1

Yamaha RIO 1608 Digital Stage Box added to hire stock

16 input channels and 8 output channels

Dante digital network interface

Flightcased with two Managed Gigabit Switches for redundant networks

Ideal to add additional connectivity to Yamaha QL1 Desk


Loads of Vipers

Loads More Vipers!

Even more Martin MAC Vipers added to IPS Hire Inventory

Viper Profile, Performance and Wash DX units in stock

Flightcased in pairs, at very competitive prices

High Output fixtures with quality optics

Over 100 units now in stock- call us for a quote today!


IPS Tunnel Roof Structures

Prolyte 14m & 18m Tunnel Roof Stage

New Tunnel Roof Outdoor Structures added to IPS Range

14m & 18m Wide versions built on Layher substructure

Curved design with lots of rigging options

Optional Integrated Cowsheds & PA positions

Arriving Mid June 2017- More details to follow


Countdown Timer

Interspace Industries- Countdown Touch

Countdown Timer with touch screen configuration

Optional external remote display connected via XLR cable

Display text can change colour to attract attention

Various modes - an easy to use hardware option

Ideal to keep presenters on track during a show


BWS Headers

More Header Options

Increased range of Black Wool Serge Drapes

New options include Chain Weighted Headers at 40' Long in 2' & 3' drops

Headers all have ties to top edge

Any colour you like - as long as it is black!



Dell XPS Show Laptop

Dell XPS Show Laptops

New Dell XPS Show Laptops ready to hire now 

Latest 7th Generation i7 Processors

SSD Hard Drive, 16GB RAM and dedicated graphics card for maximum performance

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Installed

Ideal for even the most demanding presentation


Mythos 2_Upgrade 01

Clay Paky Mythos2

All IPS Mythos units have now been upgraded to Mythos2

Now fitted with Osram Lamps and drivers

Dimmer Blades replaced for updated versions

Smoother dimming and increased reliability

Versatile Spot/Beam/Wash fixture now made even better- hire it now!


PlaybackPro USB Dongle

DT Video PlaybackPro v6

PlaybackPro, PlaybackPro Plus, Record Pro, InstaCue & Countdown Timer Applications

Available to hire with our MacBook Pro Laptops as a playback package

Also avaliable to hire on their own for use with your own Mac

Latest software version for glitch free performance

Much easier than DVD's or DVCAM Tapes!


Samsung DM82D LED-LCD Screens

Massive 82" Samsung LED/LCD Screens

Large format Professional Spec 82" Screens 

HDMI / DVI / VGA / Composite Input options

Onboard Media Player with Scheduler - plays direct from USB Media

Supported on Unicol Axia Titan Stands

A real alternative to small projection screens


Rigging Bits - 3m Looms-Cable Choke

More Rigging Bits! Short Motor Looms, Cable Chokes & Black Steels

3m LV Motor Power & Control Looms added to hire stock - for when you need just a little bit more length

Cable Chokes now in stock - Karabiner & sling set to tidy hanging cables

Extra Large O Rings now in stock

Expanded Range of Black Rigging Steels - 0.5m/1m/2m/5m in stock

All IPS 2t shackles are now black to keep things discrete when needed


Prolights - Studio COB Daylight White

Prolights StudioCOB Daylight White LED Par

LED Par in Black floorcan format

High Output 150w COB LED Source with a 5000k Colour Temperature  

IP Rated, ideal for indoor or outdoor use

38 degree Lens as standard, with optional 18 degree 

5pin DMX & PowerCON True1 In and Out 


Prolights - Studio COB RGBW LED Par

Prolights StudioCOB RGBW LED Par

LED Par in Black floorcan format

High Output RGBW COB LED Source  

IP Rated, ideal for indoor or outdoor use

38 degree Lens as standard, with optional 18 degree 

5pin DMX & PowerCON True1 In and Out 


Prolyte H30V Book Corner

Prolyte H30V Book Corners added to hire stock

Hinge corners to create almost any angle needed

Non Load Bearing - must be supported each side of corner

Ideal for creative truss applications

Compatable with all IPS H30V Hire stock 

Make your truss grid more interesting today!


New 2 9mm LED

2.9mm Pitch aPix2 LED Screen 

High Resolution modular LED Screen

500mm x 500mm Panel size - only 8kg per panel

Black faced SMD LEDs for high contrast and rich colours

Novastar Processing with lots of calibration control

Ground Stacked and Flown Rigging options


Prolyte S36 PRA Pre Rig Truss

Prolyte S36 PRA Pre Rig Truss

Prolyte S36 Pre Rig Truss now in stock

Supplied on wheeled dolly

Truss has Black Powder Coated finish

IPS stock currently 3.05m (10') and 2.44m (8') lengths

Ideal for Tours - Speed up your Load in!


Pioneer NXS-2

Latest Pioneer Pro DJ Equipment

Pioneer CDJ2000 NXS-2 CD / USB Multiplayer

Pioneer DJM900 NXS-2 Mixer

All the enhanced features with next generation Nexus 2

Playback from USB or via Serato or Tracktor Control

Rider Friendly options for your events


White Wentex

Wentex Drapes Now Available in White

3m x 3m Drapes for the Wentex System now in White

Drapes have velcro for quick attachment

First time white has been a hire option

Compatible with all IPS Wentex Pipe & Drape System Rigging



H30D Corners

Extended Truss Range

Prolyte H30D Triangular Corners Added to Stock

CO03 2 Way Corners & CO13 3 Way Corners

More H30V Box Corners available in Black

Larger selection of H40V Box corners in stock

All Truss regularly inspected and certified


HDMI - HDSDI Cabling

More Video Cabling

Increased Ranges of HDMI & HD-SDI Cabling now in stock

1.5m / 3m / 4.6m / 10m HDMI

5m / 10m / 20m / 50m Drum HD-SDI

TourCAT & Cat 5 10way Looms ready to hire

Cable Adaptors & Scan Convertors also in stock



Chromlech Jarag - L

Linear 5 Cell Jarag-L added to hire stock

Units can be used in multiples to build complex arrays

Fitted with 10degree 75w lamps

Integrated Dimmers - just add power and DMX!

Cased in Multiples of Four units


More Molefays

Molefay Stock Increase

IPS has boosted hire stocks of the increasingly hard to find 8- Cell Molefay

2 / 4 / 8 Cell Molfays in stock now

Fitted with 650w PAR lamps for that incandescent punch

All supplied on 16A CEE Form connectors

The perfect audience blinder!


MDG ATMe Haze Machine

MDG ATMe Haze Machine ready to hire from IPS

Automatic Purging System™ (APS™)

Variable haze output control from your DMX / RDM device

MDG Neutral fluid is specially created for the longest hanging time

Portable kit with onboard CO2 supply

Virtually Silent running with no noisy pumps


Jem ZR45 Smoke Machine

Jem ZR45 Smoke Machine

Large Smoke / Fog Machine ready to hire

Biggest member of the Martin/ Jem ZR Family

Onboard DMX control, plus detachable remote

Big but adjustable Smoke Output!



Martin MAC Viper Performance added to hire stock

Martin MAC Viper Performance

High Brightness 1000w discharge lamp source - 1200 or 1500w equivalent

10 to 44 degree beam range with CMY colour mixing & colour wheel

Performance model adds rotatable framing shutter blades for precise control

All IPS MAC Viper units are Flightcased in pairs



Look Solutions - Unique 2-1 Haze

Look Solutions - Unique 2.1 Haze Machine

Industry Standard Haze Machine added to IPS hire stock

Very short warm up time - less that 2 minutes

Variable output with adjustable pump and fan

DMX control for easy remote operation

Quiet operation - 50 hours output from 2 litres of fluid


Heavy Truss Base mk3

Heavy Truss Base mk3

IPS 800mm x 800mm Heavy Base plates have been redesigned

Updated versions are Laser Cut for precision fitting

Can be supplied configured for Prolyte H30V, H40V or H40R

18mm ply base with handles for easier handling

Each base weighs 50kg- and they now stack for easier transportation



SGM Q7 In Stock Now

Super Bright RGBW LED Flood / Blinder / Strobe

Same form factor as SGM P5 with a 110 deg beam angle

IP65 Rated for outdoor use in all conditions

All IPS SGM Q7 units are cased in sixes



Yamaha QL1 Desk - New

Yamaha QL1 Digital Mixing Desk

New Digital Mixing Desk from Yamaha ready to Hire

16 input channels and 8 outputs 

Dante conntection onboard

16 Mix Busses

Premium effects racks onboard including Dugan Automixer


Martin VDO Sceptron 10 - New

Martin VDO Sceptron 10

1m RGB LED Battens with 10mm Pixel Spacing

Fully IP65 rated for outdoor use

Range of Diffusers in stock

Control via DMX or Martin P3 protocol

High Brightness - Various Rigging Options


Chamsys 2014 Upgrade

Chamsys 2014 Upgrade

IPS Chamsys MQ100 desks upgraded to full Pro 2014 spec

64 Universes via Art-Net, ACN or Pathport

SSD Hard drives & Upgraded processing for smooth pixel mapping

More external monitor options and mounting brackets

Upgraded features - same hire price!


Christie Laser Projector

Christie Laser Projectors Arrive at IPS

Latest 12k Lumen Laser Projector ready to hire

Supplied with Stacking Frame & Flying Adaptor

Range of Lenses also in stock

DVI, HDMI, VGA & HD-SDI Inputs, Full HD Output



Shure Beta 98 Mic Kits

Shure Beta 98 Mic Kits

Shure Beta 98 Instrument Mics now ready to hire

Horn Mounting kit A98KCS in stock

Drum Mounting Kit A98D in stock

Supplied as a kit with capsule, lead, pre amp & mounts


AKG C414 XLS Mic added to stock

AKG C414 XLS Microphones Now in stock

Large Diaphragm Mic option now ready to hire from IPS

Switchable polar pickup patterns, attenuation and filters

Supplied cased with shock mount

Great for vocals and instruments - live or recorded


Martin MAC Viper Profile

Martin MAC Viper Profile

High Brightness 1000w discharge lamp source - 1200 or 1500w equivalent

10 to 44 degree beam range with CMY colour mixing & colour wheel

Large 140mm aperture front lens for Fat Beam looks

All IPS MAC Viper units are Flightcased in pairs



Martin MAC Viper Wash DX

Martin MAC Viper Wash DX

High Brightness 1000w discharge lamp source - 1200 or 1500w equivalent

13.5 to 59 degree beam range with CMY colour mixing & colour wheel

DX model adds Beam Shaping & Framing options

All IPS MAC Viper units are Flightcased in pairs



More Lodestar Motors

Loads More Lodestars

IPS further boosts Lodestar stock

More 250kg Prostar plus 500kg & 1000kg Lodestar Units arrive in stock

All IPS Lodestar units are Flightcased individually with a 20m Height of Lift, Low Voltage Control, and have Double Brake kits fitted

All IPS Prostar units are Flightcased in pairs or fours with a 12m Height of Lift and are Direct Control


Denon Playback  Record Rack

Denon Playback & Record Racks

Playback & Recording Solution in a 4U Rack

Denon CD & Media Player (Plays CD's & USB Media, plus ipod input)

Denon Media Player & Recorder (records to USB Sticks or SD Cards)

Supplied with two Interspace PC Balancing boxes - can be used as inputs or outputs

Kit also contains XLR cabling for inputs & outputs


IPS Art2000 Details

More Avolites Dimmers

Increased stocks of Avolites PowerCube Dimmers

Increased stocks of Avolites ART2000 T4 Racks

ART2000 stocked with Dimmer / Hot Power / Contactor Module Options

IPS configurations and more product details now online here

Complete Dimming & Hot Power solutions in stock



Yamaha TF1 Digital Mixer

New compact format digital mixer

16+1 Motorised Faders

16 input & 16 output channels

Easy to use layout

Great value for money to hire



Wider Range of Shure Radio Mic Options

Increased stocks of Shure UR4D+ Radio Mic Systems

All Lavalier Capsules now Shure MX 150-B

DPA 4066 Headset Mics now in stock in Beige

Very high quality radio mic system

Stocked in lots of configurations, racked in ways of 4



Palmer Audio Line Isolation Units

PLI 01 - TRS Jack in & out

PLI 02 - 2 x XLR in & out

Ground Loop Isolator - Removes Hum

Converts Unbalanced Lines to Balanced Lines

Really handy problem solver!



New Shure Lectern Mics

New premium quality lectern mic option

Cardioid Pickup pattern for maximum gain

Adjustable gooseneck for easy positioning

Supplied with clamp adaptor

Shure MX412 Lectern Mic avalaible now from IPS



IPS MAC Aura XB Upgrade

IPS has upgraded the entire Aura rental stock to the New MAC Aura XB

Same fixture dimensions, and features - much higher output

Power connectors now changed to TrueOne

Still packaged in flight cases of six units

Really versatile fixtures made even better!



IPS DMX ArtNet Tour Node

Ethernet to DMX Node with 8 DMX Outputs

Each DMX Universe has a 4 Way DMX Buffer on output

Features Luminex Ethernet- DMX8 Node & GigaCore 14R Switch

Housed in a wheeled 15U Rack with UPS and Light

Really handy output rack for the more complex jobs



Luminex Truss Mount Ethernet DMX Interface Node

Ethernet to DMX Node with 4 DMX Outputs

Supports Art-Net, sACN and various other protocols

5pin XLR outputs can also be configured as inputs

Compact housing - can be surface mounted or flown

Configurable on the unit or via Ethernet



New - Barco ImagePRO II Scaler

Legendary Video Scaler now in stock at IPS!

Scaling and resizing options & EDID management

Inputs on DVI / HDMI / SDI / VGA / S-Video / YUV / Composite

Outputs on DVI / HDMI / Display Port & any of above

Also includes Switching, Freeze, Logo Store & Test Pattern Functions



Barco PDS-902 Presentation Switcher

Barco Presentation Switchers added to rental stock

Up to 8 inputs, with Main and Preview Outputs

4 x DVI / 4 x VGA / 1 x SDI Input

DVI / VGA / SDI Output

Ideal for all types of HD presentation




GrandMA Network Processing Unit now ready to hire

Expand your MA Network - Adds 8 x DMX Universes

Allows multiple MA2 consoles to program simultaneously

4U Rack mount enclosure

DMX Merging - 8 x DMX In or Out


Chauvet Epix Strip Tour

Chauvet Epix Strip Tour LED Battens

1m Long fully mappable RGB LED Battens with a 25mm Pixel Pitch

Lots of mounting , and hanging rigging options

Powered using Chauvet Epix Drive 900 PSU on 4 Pin XLR

Up to 18 Epix can be powered from each PSU unit

Art-Net, Kling-Net and sACN Control Options


Chauvet WELL Fit LED Uplighters

New Chrome Wireless LED Uplighters

Chauvet WELL Fit Battery Powered LED Uplighters now in stock

96 units ready to hire - supplied in cases of 6 units

High Output 10w RGBA LED light source

W-DMX / IR Remote / On board control options

IP65 Rated, so ideal for indoor or outdoor use

Supplied fully charged and ready to go!


Projection Screens

Increased Range of Projection Screens

More 16:9 Projection Screen Options

Supplied as kits with Front & Rear Projection Surfaces

Leg kits supplied with each system

New smaller 8'9" by 4'11" Screen Option just added

Existing Stocks of 10'8" x 6' & 14' x 7'10"


Mastercue V6 Now in stock

Interspace Industries - Mastercue V6 Cue Light

New to our AV hire stock is the Mastercue V6 kit

Supplied with 2 x Remotes, plus wired remote & confidence lamp

3 x USB outputs - ideal for complex presentations

Remote receiver unit works well in larger venues

Microcue USB Cue Light stocks also increased


Black H30V Truss 03

Black Prolyte H30V Now In Stock

Following popular demand, IPS now offers H30V in Black

Matt Black Powder Coated finish

Avaliable in various lengths, plus corner options

0.25m, 0.5m, 1m, 2m & 3m sections in stock

Hire prices online, or contact us for a quote


More Truss Circles

More Prolyte H30V Truss Circles

Increased stocks of Truss Circles

3m, 4m, 6m, 8m & 10m Diameter Options

Can be incorporated into Truss Structures

Suitable for flying in any orientation

Multiple circles in some sizes - ask for a quote today!


Martin Atomic LED Views

Martin Atomic LED

Latest LED Strobe from Martin in stock now

Extreme Brightness from an LED Source

Classic Linear strobe tube look with LED Backlight

Full colour LED backlight with mappable effects

LED and Xenon Modes, with Built in Effects Macros


Triple E Unitrack

Triple E Unitrack Curtain Track

Triple E Curtain Track system now in stock at IPS

Full range of Track lengths stocked, including 0.25m, 0.5m, 1m & 2m

Each track section hired comes complete with joining kit

Range of accessories including runners, stops, pulley kits etc.

Sash cord stocked as sales item


Samsung 65inch

Samsung LED Screen Range Expanded

32" / 48" / 55" Screen options added to IPS Hire range

Existing large 65" screen still in stock

Large format LED Screens - 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution

Range of input connections including DVI, HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort and more!

On board Media Player with SD card reader and USB connection




Martin MAC Quantum Profile

High Output LED Source Moving Head Profile Fixture

12 to 36 degree Zoom

CMY Colour Mixing, New fixed and replaceable Gobos

Zoom, Focus, Iris & Electronic Shutter/Dimmer plus Macro Effects

Flightcased in Pairs



50M DVI Fibre Kit

Transmit DVI signals with perfect clarity - 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution

New longer 50m Kits now in stock

Supplied on Drums for ease of use

Also transmits HDCP and EDID information for easy setup

Ready to hire now along with a range of other distribution equipment



RCF HD12-A Powered Speakers

600w RMS power output from 12" plus 1" HF

High Quality RCF components

Switchable Mic or Line level input via XLR with link out

Stand Mounting - very quick to deploy

Supplied in a soft bag with power lead - easy to fit into a car if needed


Cyrano Followspot Kit

Robert Juliat Cyrano Followspot Kit

2500w HMI Discharge Source Followspot

3 to 8 degree zoom ideal for long throw distances in larger venues

Dimmer shutter maintains 6000k colour temperature during dimming

Supplied cased as a kit with Colour Magazine, CTO filters &  Stand



Pioneer DJM900 Nexus New

Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus Mixer

Top Spec Pioneer DJ Mixer - On most current DJ Riders

4 channel Mixer with onboard effects and X-Pad control

Built in USB Interface (4 in & 4 out) and Nexus Connectivity

Ready to hire now, along with Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus Decks and much more



Samsung 65inch

Samsung 65" LED Screens

Large format LED Screens - 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution

Range of input connections including DVI, HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort and more!

On board Media Player with SD card reader and USB connection

Unicol Parabella and Wheeled stand options- plus flying brackets available - or can be built into a custom set


20m DVI Fibre

20M DVI Fibre Kit

Transmit DVI signals with perfect clarity - 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution

Handy 20 metre length with PSU that can be installed at either end

Also transmits HDCP and EDID information for easy setup

Ready to hire now along with a range of other distribution equipment




Rocksolid Technologies - RockSwitch mk2

Seamless switching between two lighting consoles during a show

8 DMX Universes in and out (via 5pin XLR), plus 1 x Artnet

Ideal for events requiring different operators/ acts/ bands to share the same rig

Fully isolated inputs and outputs - multiple units can be cascaded for up to 64 Universes



MA Lighting grandMA2 Light

Advanced Lighting Desk that can control up to 4096 parameters over 256 DMX Universes

15 Motorised playback faders and two built in touchscreen monitors

Ideal for controlling large rigs of intelligent and generic fixtures plus video mapping

Six onboard DMX Outputs, two ArtNet outputs and Built in UPS


Ayrton Magic Blade

Ayrton MAGICBLADE-R Ready to Hire

Moving Head LED Batten with continuous rotation on Pan/Tilt axis

Seven RGBW LED Cells can be individually controlled for a wide range of effects

Create fast moving beam effects - versatile rigging options

Control via DMX or Art-Net, power input and link on powerCON True1 connectors


70w LED Flood70w LED Floodlights in stock now

Low power consumpution - approximately similar output to a 150w HQI - brighter than a 500w Halegon Flood!

Fitted with 16a T-Line connector for easy connection

Single COB LED for even coverage, with quicker startup than discharge fittings

Tough IP65 Exterior rated fitting, with mounting yoke and supplied with clamp


Avo Tiger Touch2Avolites Tiger Touch II Lighting Desk

Constantly requested Lighting Desk, running the Latest Titan Software

Integral 15" high brighness touchscreen for working anywhere

10 x playback faders, plus X,Y,Z encoders for ease of use

Four DMX universe outputs, plus ArtNet - up to 8192 channels of control!



 MacBook-Pro-With-Playback-ProNew 2015 Macbook Pro with Playback Pro Software

2015 Macbook Pro in stock now

Loaded with PowerPoint 2011, Keynote & Playback Pro - ideal for video playback

High Spec Hardware, with intel i7, dedicated gaphics card & SSD Hard Drive

Supplied with DVI & VGA output adaptors, USB Superdrive & USB Mouse


Kabuki-DropElectro Kabuki Drop Systems ready to Hire

IPS takes delivery of EK Kabuki System

Really easy to Rig and Operate

Can be used indivudually or in multiples, and configured for lots of different effects

Supplied with half couplers for easy attachment to bars


Prolyte-H40VMore Prolyte H40V Truss

Prolyte H40V Truss stocks increased

*New Sizes* 0.25m & 0.5m H40V now available

Shorter lengths ideal when making size critical shapes

IPS stocks a full range of H40V lengths, corners and accessories


Phil-making-multicoresLighting Control Multicore

50m & 100m Options ready for hire now - fresh out the workshop!

Featuring: 4 x 5pin DMX lines, 2 x EtherCon CAT 5 lines,

               1 x XLR Comms Line, plus 16a Power in one neat loom

Supplied in a customised flightcase trunk


DVI-over-Cat5-SystemLightware DVI over Cat 5 system

Extend DVI signals to up to 50m at full 1920 x 1080 HD

Also extends RS232 and Ethernet for remote projector/ display management

Avalaible for rental as a Transmitter & Sender Pair

Also suitable for HDMI video signals if used with an adaptor


Interspace-PC-Balance-BoxInterspace PC Balance Boxes

Passive PC Balance Boxes now in stock

3.5mm Mini Jack to Balanced Stereo XLR

Perfect for connecting Laptops into Mixing Desks

Switchable Earth Lift, Audio Pad & Stereo/Mono options


PVP-X6IP-LED-PanelNew Chauvet Outdoor LED Screen now in stock

6.9mm Pitch Outdoor LED Screen

500mm x 500mm Modular Panel Size

High Brightness Screen - Ideal for use in daylight

Range of Rigging Options & Support Structures


2x2-LiteDeckMore LiteDeck for Hire - including now 2'x2' 

Further stocks of LiteDeck added to IPS inventory

Increased stocks of 8'x2' decks - ideal for bars

New In Stock - 2'x2' LiteDeck - smallest yet!

IPS still UK's Largest Rental LiteDeck stockist



More-K20-B-EyeAdditional Clay Paky B-EYE K20 ready to hire

10 Further Clay Paky A.Leda K20 B-Eye fixtures in stock for summer

Wash, Beam and FX modes

Powerful Effects Engine

37 x High Output RGBW LED Sources


Lodestar-500kgMore 500kg Motors Added to Hire Stock

CM Lodestar 500kg Motor stocks boosted

Double Braked with 20m HOL

Low Voltage Control

1/8/16/32 Way control options available



Panasonic PT-VW530 Desktop Projectors

5000 Lumen

WXGA - 1280 x 800 16:10 Resolution

HDMI and VGA Inputs

Desktop Mounted or Flying Bracket Available



25kVA Generators Added to Hire Fleet

Approx. 36a per phase (Three Phase)

On board distribution

Super Silenced Diesel with long range tank

Road Tow or Skid Mounted



Sennheiser G3 IEM System Stocks Increased

New G3 Units in stock now

Mono or Stereo Transmitters & Receivers

Single units or 4 Way Kits in stock

(Headphones can be supplied as a sales item)



Smart Bat Wireless RGBW LED Battery Uplighters

High Output RGBW LEDs

Built in sequences, or control via DMX or IR Remote

Lithium Ion Batteries for light transport weight

Supplied in Four Way Kits



Eze Pin Wireless LED Battery Pinspot

High Output White LEDs

Control onboard or via IR Remote

Versatile Rigging options - Magnet / Clip / Hanging or Floor Standing

Supplied in Six Way Kits



Curtain Track Pulleys

Lightweight Pulleys for curtain rigging etc

Single, Twin & Tripple Options

Swivel Connector at Top

Ideal for use with 12mm Sash Cord